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Little Green Day Nursery offers a safe, stimulating environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our nursery has 3 large, bright, purpose-built rooms equipped to the highest standard for everyone to enjoy.

Our well-resourced rooms encourage children to engage in both adult led and child-initiated learning. Children are offered a wide range of continuous provision which allows them to make independent choices about what they would like to do throughout their day. Our highly qualified staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, and each child has a key person who plans a range of activities to follow their individual interests, creating learning opportunities unique to them. The key person will get to know you and your child well through regular communication regarding your child’s care and development needs. At Little Green Day Nursery, children’s care routines are tailored to their age group and are always discussed with you to ensure individual needs are met. More parental information about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) can be found be following our curriculum link at the bottom of the page. Nursery also offers parents developmental loan packs which are full of information about different age groups and staff are always on hand to answer any questions parents may have.

At all stages in the nursery, we encourage lots of self-help skills; from hand washing and self-feeding – progressing to self-serve mealtimes – all the way to washing up after snack time and using paint mixing stations, amongst many other things.

Health is promoted in many ways at Little Green Day Nursery. We have our own cook who provides home cooked, nutritional meals which are designed to meet the dietary requirements of growing children. We also eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and only serve milk or water. We are very proud of our high food hygiene standards recognised through our regular environmental health inspections.

Having worked closely with Stockport’s Oral Health Advisor, all children are given the opportunity to brush their teeth whilst at nursery. We are proud to hold the Gold Tooth Safe Award.

Our bathrooms have low level facilities to promote easy access to hand washing and self-care routines. Childrens physical health and mental well-being is embedded into nursery routines through a range of activities including dance and exercise, cooking activities, rest, quiet times, self-expression and a very special bond with their key person.

At Little Green Day Nursery, we have two outdoor environments which we fully utilise. Our all-weather surfaced area provides opportunities to ride on bikes and scooters, play with balls and hoops, explore the builders yard, and play a variety of games. In our natural garden we promote exploration of the natural environment – the children can climb and slide, hide in the trees, dig, den build, be creative with the crates, planks of wood and tyres, explore the mud kitchen and generally investigate and experiment. We make full use of our explorer’s box which is full of magnifying glasses, trowels, tweezers, and bug containers for all the creatures they are sure to find hiding under our logs!

We pride ourselves on excellent communication at Little Green Day Nursery. Our vision is to engage all parents in their child’s nursery journey and achieve the best outcomes through meaningful partnership with parents.

Parents have online access to “parent zone” – this is our app which connects with the nursery software we use. By regularly accessing parent zone parents can track their child’s progress at nursery, view activities their child has been doing to promote their development and chat to their child about them. We encourage parents to add their own comments and we love to hear about home life, any new skills your child is mastering and have an insight in to what your family has been doing together. Parents can share their own photos and videos on parent zone and the keyperson will be able to use these to follow their key child’s current interests.

Drop off and collection times are also a good time to share information about your child. On collection we will share information with you about their busy day with us. Our youngest children in our caterpillar room also have a daily diary added to parent zone to keep you informed about care routines including meals, bottles, sleep times, and nappy changes.

Each term we track your child’s progress, and this can also be viewed through parent zone. Twice a year your child’s key person will invite you to meet and discuss your child’s learning journey and their time at nursery. This is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s progress in more detail, ask any questions you may have, share ideas, and current interests and look at ways to work together to fully support your child’s development. Staff are always on hand and happy to discuss your child’s progress at any time should you have any concerns.

All the staff at Little Green Day Nursery go through a rigorous recruitment process and they all have ongoing checks through the Disclosure and Barring System (DBS). References are obtained to ensure their suitability to work as part of the Little Green Day Nursery team. All staff undertake a full continuous professional development programme which includes a full paediatric first aid qualification, safeguarding, health and safety training specific to early years, food safety and food allergy training. Our team participate in ongoing training throughout the year.


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