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Butterfly Room

Our 2-3-year-old room promotes endless possibilities. Filled with resources just their size, our butterflies are well supported to discover how to use their imagination, build on their own unique interests, and express their own ideas. Daily opportunities to explore all areas of learning from construction to role play, creative art and music, early maths and literacy, build each child’s confidence, independence and social skills. Their eagerness to learn is actively encouraged with staff on hand who know them well and engage our butterflies in their own style of learning.

Our butterflies spend time learning through play both indoors and out. There is a mixture of busier and quiet times including naps if required. They love to sit together and chat whilst enjoying our homemade meals and enjoy both individual and group activities with their key person.

Our butterflies have access to a child sized bathroom and staff are on hand to promote hand washing after exploring lots of fun and often messy activities as well as supporting toileting skills when the time is right.

Room Leader


We all love the energy in butterfly room and enjoy supporting the children to try out new skills and develop ideas. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes not but it’s the taking part that matters the most! Our butterflies are very busy and love to independently access resources which all sit at their level – I think this is why our children arrive with such big smiles and enthusiasm as they know this special place is all about them.

Our Opening times and Costs

Our Christmas closure dates this year are:
Close on Monday 23rd December 2024 at 3pm and re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2025 at 7.30am
Full Day
7:30 – 18:00
7:30 – 12.30
13:00 – 18:00
Full Week (Mon. – Fri.)
7:30 – 18:00
Extra Hours (by arrangement)
Funded sessions
Monday to Friday
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What the parents say


What items should be put in my child’s bag?

We suggest you have a small dedicated nursery bag which can be hung on your child’s peg. It needs to be taken home each day. It should contain seasonally appropriate spare clothing and comforters if needed. Please note this bag will be accessible to children, therefore please ensure there are no items to comprise safety e.g. Calpol.

What do I do about supplying nappies?

Nursery fees do not include nappies. You can choose to send them in each day in the nursery bag or bring in a pack which we will label and store. We will let you know when more supplies are needed.

What will my child wear on their feet?

We encourage all children to wear their shoes. In the event of a building evacuation and the variety of activities your child will participate in it is safer to have shoes on but within certain physical development activities it is more beneficial for your child’s shoes to be off for example, yoga and sally dancing. At sleep time shoes are removed for comfort and we have a shoe box that your child can place their shoes in so they are learning to look after their own belongings. Your child will need a pair of wellies as all our children spend time outdoors each day.

How will I find out what my child has been doing at nursery?

You will receive a verbal handover from a member of staff each day. You will also be able to refer to parent zone which is your access to your child’s online journey which is set up when your child starts.

Your child’s key person will regularly update parent zone with observations, photos and videos regarding their day. Please note there may be a delay in you seeing this information due to them having to go through a moderation process and when we have special events on within nursery.

We encourage you to share your child’s experiences outside of nursery through parent zone and request you complete our monthly home learning challenges which you will find on parent zone each month. We use the information, photos, videos that are shared by yourself to create purposeful conversations, activities with your child and share within a group time, extending their learning from your home experiences where possible.

We also have a parent’s notice board with the menu and nursery events displayed on the seasonal save the dates.

How will you make sure my child has enough to drink?

Each child has their own cup and water available throughout the day. At breakfast and afternoon snack there is a choice of milk or water. At lunch and evening snack water is served. You do not need to bring in a drink for your child; we promote healthy choices and dental care by only offering water and milk throughout the day. Please note we offer blue full fat milk up to the age of 2 and offer semi skimmed milk from the age of 2.

Where do the children sleep?

We adjust furniture to create a quiet sleep area. The sleep mats we use are specifically designed for nurseries. Each child has their own sheet and blanket which are stored in their own sleep bag and washed at the end of each child’s week.

How do you assist with toilet training?

If you feel your child is ready to start toilet training please speak to your child’s key person who will discuss how we can best support your child. We have low level toilets and sinks and potties which supports this process. Each child is unique and will reach this stage at different times so please do not worry if other children in the room have started and your child has not. They will all get there eventually! We do have a separate information sheet on potty training – your child’s key person will offer one to you.

Can my child bring toys/items to nursery?

Our youngest children may benefit from bringing in a comforter to assist settling in and nap times. We have a wide variety of educational toys for children to use whilst at nursery and therefore discourage toys being brought in which may get lost or damaged. Staff plan specific activities to promote your child’s development, please feel free to speak to your child’s key person about these. If your child would like to bring in a “show and tell” item this can be shared at circle time under adult supervision.

How do you promote health at nursery?

We plan a healthy balanced menu which covers all the food groups and meets recommended guidelines. The current menu is displayed on the parent’s notice board alongside the Food Standards Agency Eat Well Plate. We have a tooth brushing scheme which will need your consent. To support dental care we discourage over use of dummies and do not give children in our care juice or other beverages brought from home. Milk or water is served in age appropriate cups and we only offer bottles to our children in baby room for formula or breast milk. Children wash their hands especially before meal, snack times and cooking activities. We promote self- care by encouraging use of tissues, toileting care and appropriate disposal of waste items. The children participate in healthy eating activities including snack time, cookery and gardening. We work closely with Greater Manchester Sports who offer regular training to our staff team regarding physical activity in young children. We share what we have learnt from these sessions and how this will impact nursery and your children through regular updates via email.

How will I know if my child is developing at an expected level?

Your child will have a key person who is responsible for completing their online learning journey. The app is always accessible to you and contains information about your child’s progress. Progress is monitored through regular observations carried out during the nursery day, conversations with you and development termly assessments. Key persons extend activities or evaluate responses to activities to plan next steps, promoting individual’s development. Please remember that children all develop at different rates. If we have any concerns we will discuss them with you and if you are concerned about anything please speak with your child’s key person. We hold parent’s meetings twice a year and when your child moves room you will be introduced to the new team and shown around the room your child will be transitioning too. You will have opportunity to ask any questions you have at this time or anytime during the transition period.

Is there any information we can provide before your child’s two-year check?

Yes, please would you let your child’s key person know as soon as you receive the date for your child’s two-year check as we can provide an up to date assessment which covers all their areas of learning. Don’t forget you can access parent zone to show the Health Visitor any of the information we have shared with you.

How can I get more involved in nursery?

We welcome parents and family members into nursery. You may like to come in and help with a specific activity or share your skills with us. We have an active parent partnership group who meet once a year. This is a great opportunity to receive updates about nursery, contribute your ideas and meet other parents. Information about these meetings and the minutes are advertised in our email updates and on the parent’s notice board. They are run by Nia and Katie so please ask them for more details. We also promote home learning activities for parents through our home learning bag and home learning challenges. Recipes for baking, playdough, gloop and gardening activities are available on the parent notice boards or please pop a request in to us.

How do you celebrate children’s birthdays?

We have lots of fun sharing birthday celebrations with all the children in the room by wearing a special birthday hat, baking a cake together and eating it at snack time. There is no   need to send in anything else. Unfortunately, we do not accept any food in nursery from home due to food allergies.

If my child becomes ill whilst at nursery what happens?

You will be notified if your child becomes unwell or requires medicine whilst at nursery via a telephone call. Following our policies and incubation periods set by Department of Health you may be asked to collect your child. Your child’s condition will be closely monitored by our fully trained Paediatric First Aid trained staff team.

If I am unable to collect my child can I send someone else?

Yes, you can send someone else to collect your child but you need to ensure that you notify nursery of who is collecting and that the person collecting has the password that is set on your account to verify with nursery before entering the building.

How long can I access parent zone for once my child leaves?

You will be able to access your parent zone account for up to 2 months from your child leaving nursery. This should give you time to place your order for a paper copy of your child’s online learning journey or photo book.

If I need to change my booking how do I do this?

You will need to request in writing should you wish to make a change to your child’s booking. This can be done by requesting a change of bookings form to complete or by contacting Jane – info@littlegreendaynursery.co.uk or

Nia – manager@littlegreendaynursery.co.uk

When will my child move up to Pre-School?

Your child will move up to the preschool room the term after they turn 3 years old unless we decide together to move your child across to preschool earlier.

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